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I’m boreddddd 😠
We got our packagessssss !!!! #superstoked #fwm
But whyyyyyy is he dressed like thissss ?!?
I loveeeeeeee sprinkles !!!!! ^.^
Always playing with his rope and alwaaaays looking so damn cute !! #cutenessoverload #Rexy #scruffypup #toocute
They stayyyy laying on me however they want ! #theylovemommy #DinahSoar #rexy
Whyyyyy does he gotta be so damn cuuuute ?! #Rexy #babyboy #ilovehim

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All you need is love.

How can weed be literally the ONLY THING you care about ?!?!? Like i got money so i can get thinga i need before i start working and all you have given a shit about is getting high since i got it. This shit irritates me to the fucking MAX !!!! I am seriously so happy that im starting work so that way, you have your shit and i have mine, plain and simple. Then i can make sure all the shit that is IMPORTANT to ME, WILL get done. Then I’ll be out this bitch. Farrrrr away from this place and all the negativity surrounding me. I just cant waittttt.


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